by Emily Tait May 21, 2015

The weekend of May 2-3 brings with it a new edition of the Palo Alto Market with fresh and succulent new offerings. For one, there'll be great food. The gastronomy side of the market, this time around called Bella Italia, will feature Venetian pasta from the Colombo brothers (of Xemei, Bar Brutal and Can Pizza fame), as well as La Porchetta, Melocomo and Pizza Truck. There won't be a lack of local flavour, with Urban Food Yango, a new concept in urban eating created by Carles Abellan with Catalan sausages fused with culinary traditions from around the world. And thanks to chef Albert Adrià, you'll get to know the tinned delicacies from La Cala, a selection of classic products that go with the popular vermouth hour. 

In addition to all the foodstuffs, of course, Art Gallery shows of some works, and industrial designer Enoc Armengol presents Panpaati, a totally organic design with biodegradable furniture made with bread.

Live music comes in the form of Spike Heel Sex Sound and a jam session from musicians chosen for the Formentera Jazz Festival. 

And lest we forget what's actually on sale at the market for you to take home with you: signature objects like Rowdy Bags leather backpacks, Gur tapestries, illustrated T-shirts from Lindo Killer and handmade denim aprons from Bramby Supply. Juanjo Sáez is back again to present his limited series of glasses designed for Uniqbrow. 

And if you're in the mood for creating, take part in workshops with paper and cardboard as the basics, for kids and adults alike.

Emily Tait
Emily Tait