"Inspired by a love of the ocean, the sun and the earth" 

Launching in 2015, MAY & HUGO was born out of a desire to create beautiful swim and leisure wear with integrity, transparency and benevolence. The label exhibits minimalist silhouettes in a signature aesthetic that is both sophisticated and playful. 

"Endless Summer" 

Owned and directed by creative couple Emily May Tait and Marcos Hugo Bello, MAY & HUGO is based in Sydney, Australia, but chases the summer to Marcos’ homeland in Spain each year. 

"Ethical and sustainable"

 Their collections are designed and ethically handcrafted in Sydney, Australia to the highest standard of quality. The first grade environmentally sensitive fabric they use for their swimwear is sourced from Italy. It is produced using recycled polyester or nylon yarn, which comes from post-consumer waste such as abandoned fishing nets, plastic bottles and carpets that have been rescued from oceans and landfill. In their yoga wear, they also incorporate bamboo fabrics, which are not only sustainable to produce but also incredibly soft on the skin.

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