Happy MAY & HUGO Girls

Indica Herbert, London, UK "I love them! They are divine to wear"
Janne Ubachs, Netherlands "Best Christmas present! I love this whole collection, I want every style!"
Jade Peace, Bondi, Australia "Off for a surf in my new May & Hugo"
Lily Britcher, Potts Point, Australia "I absolutely love my new May & Hugo bikini!! It's hot!"
Lea, Bondi, Australia "consume less love more ✌?️✌? and if you consume consume wisely. ? plenty of great brands caring for Mama Earth out there like @mayandhugoswim - sustainable swimwear handmade in Oz from recycled post consumer nylon and polyester"


Xiomara Bello, Canary Islands "My new favourites! So good for swimming laps"